Everything You Need to Know About Yuma Truck Driving School

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white truck on the roadAs you search for the best trucking schools in Arizona, there is one standout contender. The Yuma Truck Driving School offers a comprehensive list of trucking school programs. Whether you are just starting out in the trucking industry or you have been out of the industry for some time and need a refresher, you’ll find a program for your needs. Find out more about how this trucking school in Yuma, Arizona works for its students.

About Trucking School Programs

The Yuma Truck Driving School is a private institute that works with truck drivers, as well as trucking companies. This collaboration allows the school to train truckers based on the needs and expectations of truck driving companies interested in hiring these student drivers. The school is licensed via the Arizona DOT Motor Vehicle Division. In addition, the school is associated with the Commercial Vehicle Training Association, American Trucking Associations, Arizona Motor Transport Association, and National Safety Council.

Each of the truck driving programs available at the Yuma Truck Driving School are focused on a specific area of the industry. This enables you to choose a course and spend your time working toward a set goal. For example, there are Class A training programs, as well as Class B courses. Each of these CDL Class types requires a unique set of skills, which the school provides for students.

In addition, the school offers third-party CDL testing. Most truck driving schools do not provide CDL exams at their location. Instead, they require you to visit the local DMV for testing. By working with your school and the third party testers, you can feel more at ease in the familiar environment. For trucking school students who tend to get overwhelmed or anxious when taking the CDL exam, this service is a welcomed relief.

80 Hour CDL Training

The school offers three different levels of training for the CDL truck driving exam. If you are short on time or have some background in commercial vehicle operation, the 80-hour course is a good option. This class runs from two to four weeks depending on the needs of the students. Classes begin each Monday, which is also accommodating to a busy student’s schedule. You don’t have to wait for a quarterly or semester-based training program to start up. With the 80 hour CDL training program you are prepared to test for your Class B CDL. This is for truck drivers running local deliveries or regional intrastate freight, as well as for bus drivers.

160 Hour CDL Training

If you are interested in getting a Class A CDL as an over the road truck driver, then the 160 hour CDL training program is for you. This course also starts up every Monday and runs for four weeks. When you attend the 160-hour training program, you are provided with the instruction and skills needed to get started with a truck driving career. You receive a foundation on truck driving as required by the top paying trucking companies looking to hire you as a future OTR trucker.

Refresher Course

This 160-hour course is also useful for existing CDL holders who are interested in getting back behind the wheel. Maybe you’ve taken off for a few years to try another career path or you’ve had personal issues that kept you off of the road. With this CDL training program, you can refresh your memory and update your truck driving skills. When you complete the program, you have a certification that states you are up to date on everything you need to know to be a truck driver in the 21st century.

Military Training

Another type of truck driver who can benefit from the 160-hour training course is a military or veteran trucker. If you have been in the military as a truck driver and want to transition to a commercial trucking career, this course offers the skillset needed to make that happen. If you have just become a veteran and you are hoping to start a new career in trucking, the Yuma Truck Driving School will work with you to get moving as a trucker via this four-week program.

310 Hour CDL Training

The most extensive CDL training offered at the Yuma Truck Driving School is a 310-hour program. This course also starts up every Monday, and it runs for 8 weeks consecutively. During these two months, you learn everything you need to know to become a CDL truck driver. You graduate from the course fully prepared to be able to pass the written and road tests to get your Arizona CDL.

Paying for Arizona Trucking School

If you are concerned with paying for trucking school in Arizona, the Yuma Truck Driving School is transparent in its ability to help you out. The school notes that it works with several organizations to provide financial assistance. These include the Yuma Private Industry Council, Arizona at Work, and Portable Practical Educational Preparation. You can also apply to pay as you go without owing any interest.

Source: Yuma Truck Driving School - Programs

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