The National Association of Chemical Distributors for Hazmat Truck Drivers

Friday, Sep 6 2019 Randall-Reilly Editor

kenworth hazmat truck on the highwayWhen you are working as a hazardous materials hauler and looking for hazmat trucking jobs, you want to do everything in your ability to succeed at your job. After all, your truck could literally explode if you aren’t careful. Safety first, which is where the National Association of Chemical Distributors (NACD) comes into the trucking industry. Who exactly is the NACD and how can it help you get trucking jobs in a safer manner? Check out more info and how to become an NACD member here at Trucker Classifieds.

What is the NACD

The National Association of Chemical Distributors is an association dedicated to chemical distributors and the chemical distribution industry. The association was started in 1971, and today has a membership roster with chemical distributors with more than 750,000 customers. This membership is where you can rub shoulders with the majority of leaders in the chemical manufacturing and distribution sectors. As a truck driver, particularly if you are an independent contractor or an owner-operator, this is a great place to find new haul opportunities.

You can learn about the latest safety precautions, equipment, technology, and company transitions via the NACD. Stay in the know about one of the main veins for your niche in the trucking industry as a chemical hauler. If you are a hazmat hauler working with chemical freight, you too can greatly benefit from learning more about the NACD.

Annual NACD Conferences

The biggest benefit of joining the National Association of Chemical Distributors is in networking. When you become a member of the NACD you are eligible to attend the annual conference called ChemEdge. This conference is where you can mix and mingle with professionals in the chemical hauling industry. It’s a great place to meet trucking company owners and fleet managers, as well as individuals working in the chemical manufacturing sector. You can sit in on meetings and listen to the latest news right from the source and talk to company owners to learn more. Obtain industry-specific safety training and advance your career in handling hazardous materials and chemical hauls. You also learn about the latest changes in regulations and standards for chemical hauling.

NACD U and Training for Chemical Haulers

The NACD also provides training courses on chemical storage, transportation, and handling—everything you need to know for your trucking job in chemical hauls. The organization provides webinars, as well as NACD U for online training for a fee. This training is available for you to access online. You do not have to be an NACD member to access this training. However, you do have to register to log in to the training portal. This training includes compliance and security awareness training.

Be ready to meet those DOT inspectors with your hazmat decals in place without worry with proper chemical transportation training. Examples of courses include Crystalline Silica for General Industry and Hydrogen Sulfide for Oil and Gas. The courses also include environmental and waste disposal management, as well as security awareness. Choose just the courses you want to get certified in and pay for each one individually with pricing ranging from about $20 to $40. You also receive credit hours for completing these courses.

Annual Reports and Safety Studies

The NACD also releases annual reports of studies and statistics that the association has pulled. These figures come from distributor members, chemical handlers, service providers, and chemical producers. For example, did you know that the chemical industy accounts for $31.2 billion in sales in the US annually? Also, the chemical industry doesn’t just handle chemicals.

The industry is also actively involved in handling materials that truck drivers are responsible for transporting. This includes transporting pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, adhesives, paper pulp, and textiles. That’s because all industries in the US intertwine—and the trucking industry is the connecting thread through them all. Without truck drivers, these industries would be unable to get the raw materials in place and finished products into distribution in time.

Advance Your Trucking Career

By being involved with associations like the NACD you are able to learn more about how deeply ingrained that industry is in the world of a trucker. This can help you better understand how freight hauling works—from end to end—so you can more efficiently serve your own shipping customers. Another way you can benefit yourself in the chemical hauling industry is to do your research about the latest chemical haulers and hazmat carriers in the trucking news.

Learn about which trucking companies are getting rewarded for a job well done--and which ones are offering the biggest sign-on bonuses. Then you can go work for these companies and earn the big bucks while making sure you stay safe in the chemical hauling segment. Where can you find this info? Right here at Trucker Classifieds, your go-to resource for all things truck drivers need to know for a new trucking job or a truck driving career.

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