Werner Recognized as Best of the Best Top Veteran-Friendly Carrier

Friday, Aug 9 2019 Randall-Reilly Editor

Werner Enterprises was awarded as one of the Best of the Best Top Veteran-Friendly Companies in the US. The honor came from US Veterans Magazine that offers support for military vets, active service members, and military families. In fact, it’s the fifth year in a row Werner was featured on the list.

What does it take to be a veteran-friendly company and why was Werner, a trucking company in Omaha, Nebraska, selected so many times? Check it out especially if you are a truck driving veteran who is trying to find trucking jobs.

Best Military Trucking Company

werner enterprises flatbed truck on the roadTo be one of the Best of the Best Top Veteran-Friendly Companies for 2019 is a huge honor for any carrier. Werner Enterprises has worked hard to stay on this list year after year by stepping up as one of the best trucking companies for vets. In the trucking industry specifically, military veterans face their own set of challenges.

Why Choose a Military Friendly Carrier

To start with, if you don’t have a Class A CDL, you’ll have to get one—even if you have a military truck driving license. That’s because a commercial driver’s license is not the same thing. You need to take the Class A CDL exam, which consists of two separate exams along with optional endorsement exams.

To be able to prepare for these exams covering written knowledge and road skills, you may need to get CDL training. But maybe not depending on whether you have experience as a military trucker. If you do, then you want to bypass school and the expense, along with the time it takes to train for the CDL exam.

Military Skills Test Waiver

This is where the Military Skills Test Waiver comes into play. At Werner, the trucking company helps military veterans get this waiver. With the Military Skills Test Waiver, drivers who have at least two years of heavy vehicle military experience can skip the driving test. This waiver is available for military veterans in every state.

Paid Training for Military Veterans

Werner has special programs including the Truck Driver Apprenticeship Program and the Employee Sponsored Training Program for military veterans that provides on the job paid CDL training. This training is also eligible for GI Bill benefits if you have those available to utilize.

Werner doesn’t just talk the talk for the military veteran drivers either. The carrier is actively involved in recruiting and training veterans for truck driving jobs. In fact, Werner pledged to provide trucking jobs to 2,000 veterans and 250 families in 2018.

Jim Morbach is the Field and Government Recruiting VP at Werner Enterprises. According to Morbach, giving support to those in the military working at the company only makes civil sense. He said, “After fighting for our country, we want to make members of the armed forces and their families feel like they have a second home at Werner Enterprises. We are honored to have many talented military men and women in our company, and we are honored to support their success in the civilian workforce.”

How to Get a Military Trucking Job at Werner

If you are a military veteran or active duty service member looking for a trucking company to drive for once you go into civilian status, check out Werner. At Werner Enterprises, you have a few options for pathways to a military truck driver career. If you don’t have a Class A CDL, you can apply for the Military Skills Test Waiver at the company and bypass the skills road test.

This helps you move on to paid training. Here the company has a couple of options to choose from. You may be eligible for the Employee Sponsored Training Program or the Truck Driver Apprenticeship Program. Each program is geared at provided a certain type of on the job training for truck drivers.

With the Truck Driver Apprenticeship Program, you are able to get up to $24,554.40 for benefits, tax-free, along with your top salary as a truck driver for Werner. You are getting paid twice essentially while you receive invaluable on the job truck driver training with one of the biggest trucking companies in the US. To get started working for Werner in Nebraska, check out our truck driving jobs currently available at Trucker Classifieds.

Source: Werner - News

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